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Wedding Vendor Hub

Hello, Wedding Vendors!
We're excited to have you onboard to create a beautiful wedding day for our guests. This page is your go-to guide for a smooth setup and breakdown process. Let's dive in!

Arrival and Setup
  • Bump-in: You're welcome to start setting up at 11 AM on the day of the event.

  • Bump-out: You can pack up after the event or the following day between 8 AM and 10 AM

Site Map (1).png
​​Site Map
Map Legend:
1 - Guest carpark of up to 26 cars
2 - Bridal driveaway, Older Guests drop off and Food Trucks entrance
3 - The Homestead
4 - Guest carpark up to 5
5 - Vendor carpark up to 10 cars
Yellow Star - Sliding door entrance to Preparation Area
6 - The Shed (reception area)
7 - The Courtyard (ceremony and post-ceremony area)
8 - Waste and recycling area
9 - Turning Circle (food truck parking area)
10 - The Grand Tree (ceremony area)
11 - Lawn area for games
12 - The Pavilion (ceremony area)
Green Stars - Power points
  • We have designated parking for vendors, with up to 10 spots available. Please refer to the Site Map for its location.


  • The main gate and back sliding door in the preparation area will be open on your scheduled bump in and bump out times. 

Outdoor Power Supply
  • External, double power points are available (please see map above). 


Preparation Area
  • The room is 5 metres long and 3 metres wide.

  • There are 3 stainless steel tables, a commercial dishwasher, 2 ice machines, a 3-tier shelf and multiple power points, including 2 x 15 amp and 3 x 10 amp double power points.

  • There is also a cleaner's sink for mop washing.

Band Area
  • The dedicated band area inside the Shed is 3 metres by 3 metres, with potential for expansion depending on the setup inside.

  • There is a double power point for your musical equipment inside the Shed and in the Pavilion (marquee).


  • Please dispose of rubbish in the designated bins located outside, behind the preparation area.

  • Separate bins are available for General Waste and Co-Mingling Waste.

  • There are multiple security cameras around the property to provide security for you and your equipment.

  • To ensure a safe space for everyone, please provide us a copy of your Certificate of Currency (insurance) via email below, if you will be present at the venue for the wedding.


Questions? We're here to help!

Don't hesitate to reach us on 0411 081 200 or if you have any questions or require further assistance. We're committed to ensuring a seamless experience for all our vendors.


Happy wedding season! ✨


Share this link with your dream team, sit back, and enjoy your stress-free planning. You got this!

Have any questions?

Contact us below!

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