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Shuttle Service

You've found your perfect spot at Leonards Hill Estate—a lovely place where romance meets countryside charm and a breath of fresh air. Planning a wedding can be a bit of a whirlwind, and arranging transportation for your crew might feel like herding alpacas in tutus—adorable, but a bit of a handful!

So how will everyone get here safely and seamlessly?

Introducing your stress-free solution:

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your trusted partner in wedding transportation

We've partnered with these local experts to ensure your guests arrive relaxed, refreshed, and ready to celebrate. No more designated driver dramas or lost uncles in rental cars – just smooth sailing from ceremony to dance floor.

Why Daylesford Wine Tours for transport?

  • Tailored Service: wedding transfers with convenient door-to-door pick-ups and drop-offs.

  • Safety and Reliability: travel to and from your guests' booked accommodation to Leonards Hill Estate safely and reliably, ensuring they fully enjoy the occasion and save on car rental fees and driving themselves!

  • Seamless Experience: a stress-free booking process, where your guests can book their transportation directly with Daylesford Wine Tours - one less aspect of your special day you have to worry about.

Their streamlined process makes booking easy:

1. Consultation

Contact Daylesford Wine Tours and discuss your event details.

0473 302 206

2. Guest-Friendly Link

 They'll provide a unique booking link to share with your guest.

3. Confirmation & Reminders

Guests get instant confirmation and timely reminders.

4. Dedicated Support

They're here for guest inquiries.

5. Flexibility

Guest can modify or cancel reservations, as required.

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Exclusive Offer

Mention you're celebrating at Leonards Hill Estate when contacting Daylesford Wine Tours and enjoy a special rate!

*Return within 5 km radius of Daylesford town centre, subject to a minimum number of guests. 

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Delightful WineTour

Elevate Your Wedding Experience with a

Beyond the big day, imagine a romantic escape just for two, or a pre-wedding adventure to share with your closest loved ones. Daylesford Wine Tours offers a variety of wedding tour packages designed to make your special event extraordinary. Whether you crave a full-day immersion, a leisurely morning or afternoon journey, or the ultimate private experience, they have an option to ignite your senses and create memories that will last a lifetime.

And the best part? As a Leonards Hill guest, you get 10% off!

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