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Relax & Celebrate

Don't get overwhelmed with details. Enjoy your Wedding Day and let our Coordinators handle the rest.

You're glowing on your wedding day, not sweating the setup. The vendors are in sync, the timeline on track, and your only worry is choosing between cake or dancing first. That's the beauty of day-of coordination.

We've teamed up with two 

Wedding  Coordinators

to offer an exclusive add-on service that takes care of everything from 8 weeks out, leaving you free to soak in the anticipation and joy  of your upcoming big day.

Paradise Hunter

Caitlin, a wedding coordinator


Caitlin is your wedding planning bestie and the creative force behind @paradisehunter, providing premium wedding planning, styling, design and coordination services across Victoria. She is passionate and dedicated to creating ‘Your Day, Your Way’ - a day that truly reflects you, your personalities and your love story!


Whether you’re recently engaged or already deep into your planning, Caitlin is by your side to support you, so your wedding journey is less overwhelming and stressful and more calm and present. Caitlin understands and genuinely shares your vision and passion for the day and she will go above and beyond to bring it to life, exactly how you have envisioned it! 

With Caitlin onboard you can expect a fun, collaborative and personalised experience that turns your wedding dreams into a beautiful reality!

2024 pricing from $1,997

Pearl  Creative Styling

Stacie, a wedding coordinator


Meet Stacie, your dynamic event director. An event planner, stylist, and coordinator, she’s the magic behind transforming any occasion into an indelible experience. With a collection of contemporary tableware and props, Stacie provides a comprehensive offering, saving you time and money by eliminating the need for multiple vendors.

With a background in arts, fashion, interior design, and more, Stacie's creativity knows no bounds. She's not just a behind-the-scenes virtuoso; she's also rocked art galleries in New Zealand and Australia, showcasing her talents in her own fabulous exhibitions. Stacie: Where the party meets art in the most spectacular way!


She's all about weaving magic, crafting the perfect aesthetic for your special event while keeping a watchful eye on your expenditure plan. Her joy? Infusing those tiny pearls of delight – those delicate details that mirror your unique story and the beautiful journey you've undertaken as a couple.“Your muse, our artistry”

2024 pricing from $1,947

Elegant wedding venue interior featuring a long dining table set with flowers and place se

Why Choose Our Coordinators

for Your Wedding at Leonards Hill Estate?


Venue Expertise

They know Leonards Hill Estate inside and out, from the ideal ceremony locations to hidden gems for stunning photo ops. They'll leverage their knowledge to create a seamless experience that flows flawlessly within the venue's layout and unique offerings.


Day-of Magic

Say goodbye to last-minute worries. Our coordinators are there on your wedding day, anticipating needs, solving any hiccups seamlessly, and ensuring everything runs smoothly and according to your vision. You can simply relax, savour the moment, and be fully present for your celebration.


Stress-Free Planning

From vendor communication to guest management and timeline execution, they handle it all. You can focus on the excitement and anticipation, knowing they're meticulously managing every detail, ensuring a stress-free experience for you and your loved ones.


Vendor Management

They have strong relationships with local vendors and navigate their communication seamlessly. You can rest assured they're ensuring seamless coordination between all parties involved.

How to get started ?

Let our expert coordinators at Leonards Hill Estate transform your wedding planning journey into a stress-free, joyful experience. Discuss your vision, ask questions, and get a personalised quote to see how their services can perfectly complement your wedding at Leonards Hill Estate.

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